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Hi! I'm Honor...people pleaser, dog lover and DIY Queen. I've been a Photographer since 2003 and it has been one heck of a ride!
I started in the traveling division of the Walmart Portrait Studios and then took over management of the studio in Cape and then Sikeston and started training other photographers for my district. I found that I LOVED photography, but hated the restrictions of working in a corporate setting with all of the rules and being limited to what I could achieve. So while working there I also purchased my first camera that was good enough(ish) for Professional Photography. A little Nikon Crop Sensor.
I found that I really didn't know much about photography! I only knew how to shoot in that controlled environment. I was great at posing and expressions, but I did NOT know how to work my camera. For many years I struggled to get my vision in my head to show up in my work. 

Then I met a local photographer who was kind enough to help me fill in some gaps. Once I got started, I found more and more information and I just ran with it! I fell in love all over again! In the past few years my work, my art, has transformed dramatically. 

I absolutely LOVE all types of photography. In the photograhy community they pressure you to pick a certain "type" of photography and do just that. Nope...that's not for me. I want to be there for ALL the moments. The couple, engagement and then wedding. Then I want to see you when you are pregnant and be there with you to meet your little one when they first arrive into the world. I want to share their milestones with you and help you tell your story. When you are older and your family is looking through albums, I want them filled with my vision of how beautiful your story is. 

Message me today and we will start telling your story!

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